Labenne supports as an (interim) director or CFO. We are knowledgeable, solution-oriented, and reliable.

Process optimization

Labenne examines your organization and helps to analyze, improve, and simplify financial processes with the goal of increasing efficiency, saving costs, and improving overall financial performance.

Financial advice

With attention to detail, we are ready to assist you with financial matters, from forecasting to financing, investments, restructuring, and business acquisitions.

Risk identification

Labenne can help you identify financial risks. With our strong analytical skills, we investigate internal and external factors and evaluate the likelihood and impact of these risks. We can develop a strategy to control or minimize these risks.

Policy and strategy

We are happy to assist you in developing a financial policy, where we will determine a set of guidelines to regulate actions and decision-making. Additionally, we can help you develop a strategy to achieve your financial goals and objectives.



With a focus on customer service, it is our expertise to lead and motivate others.

Strategic thinking

With our forward-thinking, we develop a plan for your organization’s financial future to guarantee success.


We always communicate clearly and effectively to stakeholders such as shareholders and board members.

Attention to detail

With an eye for detail, we ensure compliance with financial regulations, accurate financial reporting, and avoidance of errors.