Boutique consulting &

& private equity firm.

Labenne is a boutique consulting & private equity firm that invests and consults as an (interim) director or CFO.

About Labenne

Looking for a temporary CFO or CEO? Has your current (financial) director resigned, and do you need temporary assistance? Or have you acquired a company and need someone who can quickly and efficiently map out the company and its (financial) processes and make necessary changes?

You are a private equity firm or an investor and have acquired a company and want to quickly gain control over the management or make changes within one of your participations.

You have an established company and due to the departure of the current board, you are in need of an interim director who can take control until a new board is appointed. We can temporarily take over the management on your behalf and ensure the desired changes.

You have a tech platform and are having issues with financial accounting. We can quickly and effectively help solve these issues by mapping out the integration of the platform into a proper VAT structure, invoicing, management reporting, and financial exports, in a practical, hands-on way.

You have a successful business, but due to rapid growth, you have lost sight of your financial situation. You want to regain control of your cashflow and gain insight into your financial results. We can assist you by taking on the role of interim CFO. In addition, we can improve your dashboards and provide them with up-to-date steering information so that you regain control of your business.

You are about to start a new business, making an acquisition, or enter into another important transaction and need support. We can assist you with advice on financial issues such as forecasts, financing, growth, investments, restructuring, or acquisitions.



Labenne supports as an (interim) director or CFO. We are knowledgeable, solution-oriented, and reliable.


In addition to our consultancy services, we have our own portfolio of companies, and are looking for new investments and (small-scale) acquisitions.